OpenVPN stops working after certain configuration changes

  • Hello,

    We are running pfSense 2.0.1 with an OpenVPN Roadwarrior setup to facilitate remote access for our users. The pfSense server also functions as a gateway for our office network (using the squid proxy package) and provides connectivity to another site using IPsec.

    Whenever we add an interface or add a phase2 entry to an IPsec tunnel, or make certain changes to the proxy server, OpenVPN stops working. That is, users can authenticate, but no traffic is routed to our internal network. After a restart of the OpenVPN service, all is fine.

    Has anyone experienced this behaviour, is it a known bug? I would happily submit a bug report if someone could give me a few clues what to include in that.

  • i've seen this happen if there are conflicting routes that get overwritten when dealing with multiple vpn servers.
    overlapping tunnel subnets being the main cause when i had them problems.

  • I just experienced a similar problem just now.  We changed internet providers, I adjusted much of the information on the interface that our p2p oVPN was using, WAN IP address, interface name, and default routes.  In the end I realized this was happening and was able to correct it by selecting a different interface on from the OVPN interface dropdown, saving, then reverting back to the correct interface and saving again.  Ultimately realized this was an issue when I tried to restart the service and noticed that it failed.  The log showed that the service was unable to bind to my old WAN IP which was now no longer a part of this pfSense box.

  • mhab, I think this is a similar issue i am having which I believe is related to this bug: