Lab setup using vmplayer

  • Ello all. I am new here. I just started my quest into the security world of pen testing. I have a lab setup that was given to me in a book that i need to follow. This is where i need help. I have the newest version of vmplayer 4.04.  and the lab topology is this:

    backtrack5 on vlan1
    other OS such as de-ice lvl 1 on vlan 2
    and then the firewall inbetween them

    here is a picture of what needs to be done. However, i have NO IDEA how to do that in vmpalyer. I have all my other vm's on a "lan segment" option in vmplayer called test lab. I do not want any of the other vm's accessing the real LAN of mine or the cloud. Hence why i went with the option lan segment. haha. I just need help adding the firewall to it and adding the vlans. Im not sure if in the pic he is using the name vlan as just a name of the netadapter. But he is using virtual box.

    thanks guys

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