PFSense web content filtering

  • Hey guys. I recently setup a box running the newest stable verison of PFsense and it seems to be running fine but I am looking for a solution that would block certain website content on the LAN users like certain websites using keywords that I would provide. I have looked at SquidGuard and Snort but Snort dosnt seem like it dose that feature that I am looking for. As for Squidguard i could not find a package to where I could install it on my box. I am a noob so please bare with me. Any help is appreciated.

  • try squid first and wait for additional packages as squidguard… for the time using squid, you can manually add blocked sites

  • Ok i got the content filtering setup and it is blocking sites that I added in the blacklist in Squid. My next question is that would it be possible using Squid and the DHCP server service to make it so only certain computers use the content filtering. Right now my DHCP server shows the 5 computers that I have connected and there names. So using there names would it be possible to make only certain computers from that list get the blocked sites. Ty for your help again.

  • It's possible…need to read up on Squid ACLs. I doubt there is anything in the pfSense gui for Squid that will let you do it though - you'll need to manually edit the Squid config file.

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