Web GUI customization $100 ( negotiable )

  • Alright so this is what I'd like to do… I'd like to customize the next 2.1 official release pfsense web UI to rebrand it so that I can provide it to my customers with my logo on it. All I want is the top logo changed to my logo which I will design, and change the red in the current default theme to blue, and all traces of pfsense changed to my brand name, with credit given to pfsense as having designed it or whatever. Also, the boot up graphic that says pfsense taken off.

    I was going to have a friend of mine do it, but he doesn't have time. I think it would be easiest if the guy who designed the GUI in the first place did it, but I don't know who that is.

    Any takers?

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    BSD Perimeter offer rebranding as a service. They have done it many times before for many other clients and consequently can do it far faster than anyone else. It's probably more that $100 though!  ;)


  • It is long to do, here are some changes I've made, i've also chaged the boot message and Logo

  • Well, I was hoping to just keep it simple by modifying the prexisting UI.. just change the red to blue and change the logo for the most part. I hope by keeping it simple it will keep the hours down that it takes to customize it.

    As far as paying BSD perimeter.. by how much they charge, that's not going to happen. Unless they can do it in under 2-3 hours. They charge like $100/hour. I have a max budget of $300 for this.

  • IMHO: rebranding software to make it feel more like your's and having budget of $300 sounds somewhat hilarious.

  • Not really when all I want changed is the logo and the red to blue… I'm not asking for a whole interface to be designed. I'm even doing the graphic work for you lol. I think you guys are thinking I want something that I do not... It's easy:

    1. Change the logo on top of the UI.

    2. Change the red in the current theme to blue.


    I'm not asking for a new UI or theme from scratch. You can even leave the pfsense startup logo in the console if that's hard to do. I'm mostly referring to the two changes above. It's not a total rebranding. Just modify the existing theme.

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    There are some guides to developing a theme as well as re-branding. For example:

    Have a look around.

    Also there are blue themes already:


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