After an update runs openvpn only on the main ip not on vrtual ip addresses

  • i have make an update from pfsense 2.1 beta.x  to the newest.

    I have an public ip range
    x.x.x.34 to x.x.x.44

    the ip x.x.x.34 is the main ip-address of the wan inferface. The rest is configured as virtual ip-addresses.

    i use the x.x.x.35 virtual ip for openvpn. Ago the update works all fine.
    After the update clients can not connect to the openvpn server which have a virtual (alias) ip-address.

    i have change the interface in openvpn server to "WAN" interface.
    same result no connection possible .

    tcpdump shows a attempting incomming connection from the client
    but no response vom openvpn server.

    only when ich change the openvpn server to the WAN IP-Address x.x.x.34 and to  second the client config "server host address" also to den WAN IP-Address x.x.x.35 then the connection is possible and work.

    for testing the firewall rules are at first position all open (any to any)

    anybody have an idea?

    many thanks!

  • Create an interface and route it out that interface.  Or you can modify the routing tables manually (not suggested).

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