OpenVPN firewall block

  • I am able to ping from both sides but this block comes up quite frequently I am kind of confused as to what openvpn is trying to do, how to fix it, and where this block is coming into play. Thanks in advance for any help. Kirk

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    What is charter?  Your openvpn interface? Your Wan interface?  Why did you white out part of the traffic, so your just asking about the 10.137 port 67 to broadcast 68?  But from the other public IPs as source I have to assume that is your wan interface.  So what does your question have to do with openvpn?

    That is dhcp.  Coming from a private IP, which is why I would assume you would block it, default is to block private traffic on the wan interface.

  • Charter is the WAN interface the whiteout area is legitimately blocked ips  it includes  my wan ip  so i blacked it out. I was looking at the port 67 to broadcast 68. So it should look as it does, blocked? Thanks

  • Has nothing to do with OpenVPN.  Most likely its your ISP's DHCP Server.  It can be safely blocked and a firewall rule created to surpress it from being logged.

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