2 x VLAN but no internet

  • Hi all, I'm having a little trouble with a new setup I would like to commission, it should work but just isn't so I hope someone can help and/or advise.

    We currently have a /29 subnet for our WAN interface to our ISP and we are routing a /24 to the WAN IP, we have then created a VLAN for the /24 to be given out to tagged devices.

    This is all as per the instructions in the bible and works fine.

    I have now ran out of IP's on the original /24 and have ordered another /24 unfortunately the next block isnt sequential from the original so the only way I can add it to the same physical network is to create a second VLAN pool for the new /24.

    I did this and it hands out IP's via DHCP fine, I can also ping end devices with the new IP's from outside in but the devices themselves within this pool cannot reach the outside world, they cannot even ping the DHCP server nor the pfsense, what is going on? any ideas?

    I have checked all firewall rules and they are identical to the existing setup but using the new subnet.

  • perhaps you can post the rules? Generally if you are getting this error then the rules on the new VLAN are not correct.

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