The snort2pfsense (snort to pfSense) shell script

  • snort2pfsense (snort to pfSense) is a shell script that synchronizes an snort sensor using MySQL output with a pfSense firewall.

    With a hard disk platform, pfSense can have snort installed, but if you want to not charge your pfSense box with snort or you have a pfSense embedded system you will find snort2pfsense very useful. snort2pfsense integrates your external snort box with the pfSense firewall.

    snort2pfsense uses the expect scripter and makes SSH connections to the console of pfSense.

    snort2pfsense looks for the offenders hosts at the MySQL snort database and updates the snort2c PF (Packet Filter) table of pfSense. No matter if you don't have the snort package installed in your pfSense box.

    snort2pfsense has its own white list.  The white list can have single hosts an entire networks. If an offender host is white listed it will be never blocked.

    snort2pfsense's IP addresses (and masks) are stored as integer numbers at the MySQL database, as snort does. snort2pfsense provides tools to see your IP addresses (and masks) formatted as text. snort2pfsense shows also the host names, resolved using the dig command.

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    Josep Pujadas

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