Static IP For OpenVPN Clients in TAP Mode?

  • I read all the info about client specific overrides and the /30 stuff for OpenVPN in TUN mode, but we are running TAP mode here and I am attempting to configure our clients with static IP addresses.

    I did find a blog saying to place this in advanced under CSO: "ifconfig-push" but that does not seem to be getting the job done.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Just tested in my own config, the "ifconfig-push clientip mask" works with TAP (windows 7 client). You have placed it under client-specific-overrides > advanced right?  And completely disconected the client so its gone from the status screen.? And rebuild the connection from 'nothing'.

    Do you get any error? Does the openvpn-client logs mention anything worth mentioning?

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