A new user and I want to help

  • Please
    I want to know where to place in list pfsense

    Taking Automatic Wireless IP
    Internet service but only works by typing password

    Or that the user will be restricted in the server Mac
    In this case,
    Can operate without a password

    Only for Wireless

    I would also like to know to create a page entry on my
    PF Sense
    Network Features
    And where the place of entry and password

    If I created the login page where you place in my files F-Sense

    Required password entry Root

  • Sorry but i can't understand your question  :-[

  • @EOC2611P:

    Sorry but i can't understand your question  :-[

    First Thanks
    for the answer
    I want a place in the list pfsense
    I use pfsense
    In network control wireless Internet
    I want
    All users when entering the Wireless
    Shows page written login and password

    If you run this Setem
    I can
    Run other users without password
    If I start in this

    And also I want
    If I want
    Login page on the server located login and password
    After the Edit
    Where is its place in list pfsense

    I want your password Root pfsense

  • mmmm, i am still have some little difficulties in understanding, i am sure that if you can improve it a bit, other helpfull users will join in with their suggestions.
    From what i can see, it looks like you want a system where users can use the wi-fi , by using 2 different access, 1 for registered users which will need to enter a username and a password and 1 where these credentials are not necessary, so, what you need is to enable the "Captive Portal" function in PfSense.
    What is your main language (if it's ok to ask) ?? maybe you will find a user which speak your native language if you tell us  :)

  • native language arabic

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