Vmware ESXi bridged network

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to bridge a physical NIC with a virtual NIC

    Basically I would like to run PFsense as a guest OS in my vmware ESXi box and it will require PPPoE to connect to the internet

    Any ideas

    Thanks a lot Regards RW

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Bridged??  Yeah I run pfsense on my esxi and it is my connection to the internet..  AYou don't nat/bridge in an esxi setup.  Your nic would be tied to a vswitch.  Devices connected to that vswitch would have access to that physical network.

    So one nic connected to your modem is on 1 vswitch - this is your WAN for pfsense.  Another nic is connected to your lan, and this you put the lan interface of pfsense on that vswitch.  Vms you want connected to lan you connect to your lan vswitch, that physical nic connects to switch of your actual lan and there you go everyone happy and connected.  Pfsense is now your edge router/firewall.

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