MCTIP labs in Virtualbox or VMWare using Pfsense as router assistance needed

  • I am trying to practice for the MCTIP Enterprise 2008. I am expecting to use Virtualbox or VMWare workstation 8 to do all the lab.
    My goal to simulate an Active Directory Network with 3 sites that have the following subnets:

    Dakar: Network /24. 2 DC, 1 member server and 500 workstations client Win7.
    Thies : Network /24. 2 DC, 1 member server and 400 workstations client Win7.
    St Louis: Network /24. 2 DC, 1 member server and 300 workstation client Win7.

    I installed pFsense, WAN is (DHCP from my router), LAN
    I created 3 VLANS, VLAN10, VLAN20, VLAN30

    I can ping using pfsense option 7 any IP listed above.
    But when I logon to the Virtual machines I created I can only ping within the same VLANS(for example DC1 and DC2 in VLAN10 can ping each other)
    But DC1 in VLAN10 cannot ping the DCs in VLAN20 or VLAN30.
    I disabled NAT rule and Firewall in Pfsense.

    What Am I doing wrong ?

  • Any default gateway set on the VMs?
    By default there is a deny rule on all new interfaces, start with adding allow all to all rules on all VLANs

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