Able to ping LAN but not further in

  • This is probably the most asked question around here but i just can't get it work.

    I am trying to reach my LAN (CLIENT) through OpenVPN but i cant. I connect normally using OpenVPN and i get an ip address although not a default gateway and still i can only ping my LAN (CLIENT) interface. The interesting part is that when i ping from the VPN network i can see the ICMP request coming by sniffing but no reply leaves.

    I attach below my net diagram and the configuration of the OpenVPN Server.

    Please help me get it done.Tx

  • If that laptop is windows vista or 7, you probably need to disable the local FW or allow pings to all addresses.

  • podilarius, thanks man, i feel so stupid. I thought it was a routing problem. That didn't even cross my mind. I got it working once i disabled the firewall. Thanks again.

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