Rolls stop working after hardware failure

  • Hi
    I have pfsense box installed with 4 networks
    1 wan  X.X.X.X
    2 LAN
    3 LAN
    4 LAN
    i had an hardware failure and i needed to replace the board
    and know i am having problems with block rolls on the LAN interfaces
    I have setup a block rolls on each LAN so that no LAN network will have access to the other the thing is that after a reboot the rolls stop working after a 1 hour  or so
    When I reboot the box the rolls are working and stopping after 1 hour
    Thanks in advanced Daniel

    ![Pf rolls.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Pf rolls.png)
    ![Pf rolls.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Pf rolls.png_thumb)

  • So what you are saying is that after 1 hour, you are able to access the other 2 LANs?
    What hardware did you have to replace? Was a re-install completed?
    What version are you running? Is there anything in the log files that might indicate why the rules are not being followed?

  • I needed to replace the motherboard as far for the system log or the FW log  cant see anything wrong in there
    after i replaced the motherboard i started the FW and the FW as booted with no problems
    but i needed to replace a NIC for one of the LAN interfaces
    i am running the 2.0.1

  • Hi i have taken a second look at the FW settings and found my mistake
    thanks for the replay

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