No Logon on Webinterface possible

  • Hey Guys,

    First sorry about my bad english, i hope you can understand me ;-) I've the problem, that i'm get the error message :"No page assigned to this user! Click here to logout." after logon.

    I think the error is related to a test of a active directory connection. I have deactivated the internal admin-user because security reasons and have created an admin user and this combination worked fine until my tests. In the active directory i've already a same named user and this one could be the reason for the problem. so i have deactivated (and also deleted) the active directory user, but unfortunately brought no improvement.

    I'm also runned the script "/etc/rc.initial.password" from a console and i hoped that this will reactivate the admin- but it don't work! I think i could solve the problem if i can activate the "admin" named account but i don't know how i can reactivate thisone from console - can help me anyone?



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