Various WebUI's Grouping to share port 80

  • My problem stems from not being able to use certain ports when viewing my internal webui. I have my webui port changed to xaxa and not 80/443 for security reasons and to prevent collision with the various other webui's i use.

    My question is: … how could I have all the different UI's use the same 80/443 thus preventing port blocking? Could I do it through Apache, breaking each UI with a '/ui' after the site address? Or am I mistaken and I can forward all the webUI's to 80/443 with the network sorting it out.

    Why I ask is I run a torrent download server for an apt complex bc they share a connection 4 ppl running torrents mercs(slows) the net for all. Torrents are hosted on a share/private File Server. Both have various webUI's totalling 5.

    Many thanks to anyone who can help...

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Some sort of reverse proxy could do that, based off of hostname/url in some way. I know Varnish and HAproxy can do it, just setup your own internal/fake domain (or a real one, if you want) and then access the various things via hostnames you create, and let the proxy sort out how best to route the request.

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