Captive portal hard timeout not working

  • Recently discovered issues with the captive portal hard timeout does not work?

    I have got a box with 2.0.1-RELEASE (i386), had hard time out set. Authentication using local manager.

    Noticed at captive portal user remains active unless manually disconnect from webgui.

    Not sure if something is stopping the counter for timeout management. Hope someone could shed some lights.

  • I noticed the same thing.

  • Where did you configure the timeout?
    Can you show the config.xml of your setup? (at least the CP section)

  • Hey all !

    I have noticed the same with my pfsense, and here's the bit of the CP that I'm using:

    <httpsname><preauthurl><peruserbw>I read on the following post a report of a problem (;u=113943;sa=showPosts ), and I realised I had set the CP to use "start/stop accounting", so I set it as "no accounting updates". And everything seems to be working now, but I'm not sure whether it is because a change the radius settings, or because I have rebooted the server.

    Well, hope it helps identify where we could have a problem.


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