Suggestion - Multiple Monitor IPs

  • Greetings all, I apologize if this exists already, I have searched the forums.

    Would it be useful to have more than one IP address used for monitoring connectivity on an interface? For use in load balancing or in particular fail over scenarios; just in case the machine which is at the address that is being used for monitoring goes down/has ping blocked or other; either way loses connectivity resulting in essentially a false positive regarding loss of connectivity.

    So essentially the method used to check connectivity (not high latency at this stage & excuse the extreme crudity) would go from;

    If no ping response from ip0, loop ping response check on this interface X times then trigger failover.


    If no ping response on ip0 AND no ping response on ip1 on this interface, loop ping response X times then trigger failover.

    Am I missing something or could this well have it's uses?

  • Your best bet would probably be to contact the author of apinger (util used by pfSense to monitor gw up/down status)

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