LAN ftp log default ?

  • I am using 1.2-BETA-1-TESTING-SNAPSHOT-06-06-2007 on a box of WAN + LAN only.
    ftp-proxy enabled on LAN and disabled on WAN. I also have a rule on LAN, allow source LAN any to any.

    I see under firewall log, every ftp activity (permitted) was logged and when I click on the small green arrow, it says: "the rule that triggered this action is:", without specifying which rule it is ??

    I did not have enable log for any rules on WAN or LAN, why is this logged ?
    Is it default logged for ftp-proxy traffic ? How to disable that?

    Many thanks

  • I second this question.

    Although these logs are harmless, and seem to be the result of some forgotten debug statement, they fill up the firewall log display rather quickly - and thus hiding 'important' logs.

    No rule is being show - so searching (grepping) is difficult.

    Please note that I see these logs when using and ftp-client on the LAN - connected to an FTP server somewhere on the Internet.

  • Disable the FTP proxy helper if this is a problem.

  • I still need this ftp-proxy function, any chance only to disable the log ?

    Many thanks.

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