Some traffic will pass, other will not

  • Gang, new to I have a 1:1 nat that allows access to a www server.

    My rule looks states "any source allowed to access port 80"

    Some traffic is allowed to pass, some traffic is not:

    From my logs (gui)
    [Pass] Jun 8 11:15:45 WAN TCP
    [Block] Jun 8 11:15:25 WAN TCP

    When the traffic is blocked, it says "block drop in quick log labeled all "Default block all just to be sure"

    Please help! I need all traffic to pass to www for this machine.

  • All legit traffic gets passed. Out of state traffic is common and gets dropped. Same as this:

    This also drops traffic some hacking tools generate with invalid flags, you'll see a little of that, mostly the above.