Open VM Tools or Vmware Tools?

  • Hi friends,
    I'm a new user of pfsense. I want to use it in a VMware. I saw that there are 2 different kind of vmware tools for pfsense:
    1- Open VM Tools package that we can install it easily from system > packages
    2- Official version of VMware tools for FreeBSD
    I installed Official version of VMware tools for FreeBSD successfully with help of this tutorial:
    after that I check my installation with these commands:

    $ ps ax|grep vmware
    27064  ??  S      0:00.93 /usr/local/lib/vmware-tools/sbin/vmtoolsd
    60246  ??  S      0:00.00 sh -c ps ax|grep vmware
    60659  ??  S      0:00.00 grep vmware
    $ kldstat
    Id Refs Address            Size     Name
     1    8 0xffffffff80100000 1303ad0  kernel
     2    1 0xffffffff81404000 4c98     vmxnet.ko
     3    1 0xffffffff81409000 9b50     vmxnet3.ko
     4    1 0xffffffff81622000 1484     vmmemctl.ko

    but there is a little difference in result when I compare it when we install Open VM Tools:

    Can you please tell me which one of those packages are recommended for installing on pfsense?


  • I am also interested in this. I have not tried to use vmware tools just the open tools mostly because I seem to get just fine performance that way, but if I were to get better performance using vmware tools then I would switch.

  • i guess it depends if you want to use the vmxnet drivers or not.
    if you only want to be able to have your guest shutdown nicely by *tools then the open-vm-tools work fine

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