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  • Hello,
    Having a few issues with editing file through webgui by clicking Diagnostics, Edit File.

    We have HAVP installed and I wanted to be able to edit the HAVP files in /usr/local/share/examples/havp/templates/en/….. and the squid template files in /usr/local/etc/squid/errors/....

    Whilst I can do it through the command-line the people using this box day-to-day will be using the webgui mostly.

    When I open one of those files there are extra spurious SCRIPT entries inserted into the text which are definitely NOT part of the original file.

    This does not happen to all files, it seems only some HTML-based files.

    Can anybody else reproduce this?

    EDIT: forgot to say, checked it on 2.0.1-RELEASE both x64 and i386 versions

    EDIT again: added squid error files as well - produces same symptoms of script commands added into file in the editor when not in the original.


  • Apply this change to /usr/local/www/edit.php : https://github.com/bsdperimeter/pfsense/commit/a38ea8d88e3c06ce4304da1d6404d13c2b894ef4

    However, it would probably be best to do it through something other than the Edit File page.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Just cherry-picked that back to RELENG_2_0 so it'll be in the 2.0.2 release.

  • Hi, thanks for looking at that

    …probably be best to do it through something other than the Edit File page...

    ;D ;D ;D

    Added 3 lines using vi in console session. Confirmed working this end on x64 and x86 2.0.1-RELEASE.

    Thank you for pfsense!


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