Captive Portal not accessible

  • When I set my wireless interface (ath0) to captive portal, the portal login never comes up - seems unreachable. I tried putting some explicit allow statements on the firewall, but I get nothing. If try it from another interface x.x.x.x:8000 it gets there fine. Once I lift the captive portal, everything routes fine.

    Is there anything I'm missing? I also put in the allow hosts the captive portal address just in case but still nothing.

    Any ideas?

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  • Most commonly that's because you're blocking DNS, need to point clients to the DNS forwarder or allow their configured DNS servers. Does DNS resolve? Can you browse on that network to :8000? Do you have firewall rules on that interface?

  • I added a rules like crazy but nothing. My wireless interface subnet is The portal SHOULD be running on I can ping from the portal network (the wireless), but can't reach the portal itself. Like before, when I switch to another interface I can get to the portal no problem. I let all DNS pass through via rule too on the wireless interface (same as portal), but nothing.

    This is where it tries to go, but fails:

    Any other suggestions?

  • Your interface IP is on a /24 network? That's not a valid IP, that's your problem. .0 is the network address on a /24.

  • Wow, so simple, I did miss that. However, why is it still accessible from another port if that is the network address?

    I'll try changing it when I get home later. Thanks.

  • I thing have the same problem, try this:

    One thing I might also add, we simply added our DNS server addresses to the Allowed IP list and that resolved our problem.
    We were experiencing exactly what you are.

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