Captive Portal change passthrough upload and download limits but wont update?

  • Hopefully someone in these forums can help me! I am running Pfsense 2.0.2-rc4 and I am using captive portal mac passthrough to limit each users upload and download speeds. Everything is working perfect with it but when I go to change one users upload and download speed limit the setting save and show that they have changed but when tested from users computer the speeds are always the same as whatever was first entered when setting up their captive portal in pfsense. I have tryed a filter reload which doesnt make a difference. Also I have tryed restarting their machine which doesnt work. Even if i delete their captive portal account and create a new one it is still stuck on the same speeds. The only way I can get it to update is to change the Mac address on their machine and setup a new account or reboot pfsense. Its like pfsense is holding on to the initial settings setup for a specific mac even if the account is deleted. PLEASE HELP!!

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