WebGUI locks up within the browser

  • Why is this?

    For e.g. I click snort update the rules, and it's a process that takes a few minutes and during that time I can't open a new tab and e.g. edit firewall rules.

    But I can during this time open a different browse (e.g. I update the Snort rules in Opera, so open MSIE and change firewall rules)

    1. Why is this
    2. How can I configure the webGUI to not lock up?

    I've seen this in different version, installations, hardware and I am starting to get frustrated at it and want to find a solution.

  • I'm experiencing this issue as well.  Embedded amd64 VGA install, 2.1 snapshots.  Hardware's a dual core atom (d2500), 4gig ram, dual onboard intel gigabit nics.  Would be nice if someone could point in the direction of a solution

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