[RESOLVED] SIP device disconnecting after timeout

  • I'm having an issue with some SIP paging devices (basically a SIP device that sits unused most of the time) where they disconnect from the remote hosted VOIP server.  It is as if the NAT is timing out and flushing but the state remains in the pfsense.  The only way to get the device back online is to reboot it.

    Does anybody know what is going on here or if there is a way to selectively disable timeout for an IP?

  • So after digging around it looks like the VOIP troubleshooting FAQ in the KB had the information we were looking for.

    On most devices you can set a "SIP expiry" option and as long as that was less than 3600 the devices stayed connected.  However, the devices we were having trouble with did not have an option to modify this setting and had a default of 3600.  This caused them to come up and down at random times.  Very frustrating.

    Anyways, the fix appears (I only say appears since we've only had it functional for 1 day now so it may be a tad early to tell but so far it looks good) to be changing the System, Advanced, Firewall/NAT > Firewall Optimization Options from "Normal" to "Conservative".

    After doing this we haven't had any of the devices drop on us

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