How to Cap Netflix usage ?

  • Like many people, I have daily and monthly data caps on my internet service, but I also use VOIP service ( great service!).

    In my case, I have a 5GB Daily limit between 6am and 11pm and 100GB per calendar month.

    I want to limit Netflix (and all video services like youtube, hulu, etc) to 1Mbit/s when I reach 60% or so of the cap and block or limit to say 100Kbit/s at 90% or so.  Then at 99% of the Cap, stop or block ALL traffic….. BUT, I still need to exclude all SIP traffic from limits or blocks.  The data counts toward the cap, but I don't want to loose phone service.

    I am thinking that some sort of cron script would be good - you get extra credit if the solution is generic enough to stick onto DD-WRT or Open-WRT.

    Finally, as a product suggestion - it would be NO END OF COOL if pfsense were available as a dd-wrt or open-wrt package or if there was a version that could be loaded onto a wireless embedded router.  I realize the size might be an issue, but there are several routers with substantial flash and/or usb hard drive usability.  Heck - this may already be available and I just haven't found it.

    Any help or hint are greatly appreciated !


  • The only thing that pfsense could help you out here with is rules with scheduled on/off times.  Even then you would need IP's to block since pfsense can't use FQDN in rules.  You could throttle traffic at given times of the day with scheduled rules but that would apply for all traffic and not just one website.

    For what you want I'd look at something like Untangle.  You'll have to get the pay-for version to do the quota buckets like you want though.

    In regards to your embedded version of pfsense:  pfsense actually forked (was based on?) from m0n0wall which IS designed for embedded systems.  The thought behind pfsense was that users could run it on a proper computer and get all the extra features that are lacking in an embedded system.  Might be worth checking out m0n0wall and see if that fits your needs.

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