Alias and old table entries for hostnames

  • I've noticed that when I setup an alias, using hostnames specified in the alias, then modify it, the old table IP entries do not get deleted for some reason.  Every 5 minutes it does check the hostname, and adds any IPs it finds from the DNS lookup that aren't on the table to the table – that is normal.  However, the old IP from the first lookup remains in the table for some reason, along with the new IP, from what I can see.

    I assume this might be something pfsense purges on an interval of some sort?  Does anyone know what interval it uses to purge alias tables of their old IP addresses that aren't actively associated with a hostname (or otherwise explicitly specified?)

    Edit: Also, does PFsense drop old tables?  Noticed when you remove an alias, the table remains in the tables list even if the alias is gone...

    Update: I've found that when you have an alias, and you add a new entry -- the new entry behaves correctly and updates and purges correctly.  However, if you modify an existing entry, or delete an entry, the old IPs will not be removed successfully and require manual purging.  Upon rebooting PFsense this behavior stops for any entries that existed before the reboot, but continues with new entries, or new modifications, till another reboot is done.  I'd prefer to just run a command to refresh the table somehow via the Cron package, just not sure which commands I should use here for this...

  • I am having the same issues on 2.0.3-Release
    Has this been resolved?

  • I confirm, it seems there's some bug with modifying a existent entry.  :(

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