I can't get HFS to work

  • Hi can some 1 help me i cant make hfs to work my wan is pppoe and i have the server on but i want to access the server from my external ip adress so my frend's or somone can dl the file.

  • HFS? Are you talking about the Mac file system, or something else?

    Generally, you need to configure port forwarding - which is covered in the documentation.

  • hfs=http file server so i can change the port in the program i did it's 7000 but i can only acces from my lan ip not my wan .
    I forwarded the port but in can't get it to work

  • A little more than "can't get it to work" is really required ;)

    If you use one of the open port test tools, does it show port 7000 as being open on your WAN IP? Does your pfSense host have the WAN IP, or do you have an ADSL modem/router or another device? Can you provide a screenshot of the WAN firewall rules and the NAT settings please.

  • Ok i manage to make it work the ports where forwarded corectly but i needed to disable NAT Reflection

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