N2n VPN($X)

  • I would like to request N2N VPN be either integrated, or installed as a package on PFSense.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The way n2n tries to use p2p technologies seems interesting, but I'm not sure it actually would gain most people anything.

    The idea is nice, but the fact that it's really only secured by a single password is a bit worrisome, and they acknowledge that it's main focus isn't security but mainly connectivity.

    They also don't mention FreeBSD compatibility and I don't see it in FreeBSD's ports tree so there could be some issues there. (It may work fine, it may not, only way to know is to try)

  • Usually you put how much you are willing to put as a start for such work and after you get better replies.

    Normally if you want supported packages the best is to go through portal.pfsense.org which gives you better quality and support on these things.

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