Internet Cafe Vlan with other Cafe

  • Got the attachment image shows the diagram of few internet cafe, can pfsense combine these 3 or 4 or more internet cafe for vlan purpose like battle lan ? so from cafe A can freely join games created by someone on cafe B and so on.. like Battle Lan .. if can could anyone kindly show me the tutorial..

  • You can do this. The pfsense server at the datacenter must be the OpenVPN server.
    The pfsense servers in the cafes A,B and C must be the OpenVPN client.

    For LAN gaming best pratice is if all the clients on all cafes are on the same subnet that means that your OpenVPN must be running in TAP (bridging) mode and all subnets must be in the same IP subnet.
    If it is not neccessary to be on the same subnet to join a hosted LAN server it would be probably better to have different subnets and run OpenVPN is "TUN" (routing) mode.

    For these scenarios you can search the forum for "OpenVPN site-to-site"

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