Wireless bridge with PfSense

  • Hi, i have a TP-Link (TD-W8961ND) router which supports wireless bridging (WDS). I want to bridge the router wirelessly to my pfsense wireless interface (if that is possible) so that the clients behind the router are able to access the Internet through the pfSense. If you need more details i will be happy to provide them.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Not supported in pfSense, unfortunately.  I was unable to get the FreeBSD support for that working, so the setup code for doing it on pfSense never got completed.

  • Thanks for the reply… it's a shame that freebsd does not support that. Maybe in the future....

  • It is supposed to support it; I just couldn't get it to work when I tried to use it (between two FreeBSD systems).  However, one caveat that I'm aware of is that the mode they call 4 address frame mode, which allows connecting as a client with any existing encryption and bridging the client, is supported on both FreeBSD and Linux (some Linux-based TP-Link routers/access points support this, for example), but I've heard that the implementations of the mode on FreeBSD and Linux are incompatible with each other and can't connect with each other, unfortunately.

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