Multi site 2 site VPN to multi LANs with one box?

  • I'm new to pfSense, and before I spend a lot of time trying to do this, I need to know if it's even possible. My end goal is to have two different site to site VPN's (each with their own public IP) come it through a single appliance, to route to two semi-isolated LAN's.

    In other words, VPN1 (using IP address 1) would connect to LAN1. VPN2 (using IP address 2) would connect to LAN2. LAN2 would not be able to get to LAN1, though LAN1 would hopefully be able to get to LAN2. My appliance would have 3 NIC's, one for each LAN, and one for the shared WAN.

    Is this realistic, or would I be better off to have a separate appliance for each VPN/LAN?

    I might add that ideally each VPN could also accept connections from individual client computers, in addition to doing site to site, but this aspect is not as critical as the site to site.

    Thank you.

  • can be done on 1 appliance. in fact it would be more of a hassle to do the same on multiple appliances

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