Wireless bridge behind Captive Portal

  • Hi guys,

    i've searched the forum for this issue but didnt succeed in finding it.

    We have a setup that we route all the traffic through a system with 2 network interfaces, 1 LAN and 1 WAN. We use the Captive Portal with pass-through mac authentication to allow people to connect to the WAN (internet).

    behind the LAN interface we've build a wireless bridge, using point to point devices.
    From the point to point device on the other side (in client bridge mode) we've put an access point.

    everything works fine but as soon as you authenticate with the captive portal, the mac address of the point to point on the access point side (in client bridge mode), is added to the authenticated mac's, instead of the MAC address of the device connecting to the access point.

    How can we make this work that the mac addresses of the devices connecting to the access point, get added to the authenticated mac's list?

    pfsense –> point 2 point in access mode <--> point 2 point in client bridge mode --> access point <-- mobile devices

    edit 1: when i switch the point2point devices with eachother (briding the other way around), i'm not getting a portal. When i then manually visit the portal, the right mac address is added, but i can't reach the internet. (resolving DNS does work though :S)

  • What brand are your bridge devices? Can you set them up to use WDS or transparent bridge mode?

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