Need to use $_GET on PortalPage

  • Hello together.
    First: sorry for my bad english

    I´m using actual PFSense version about one year with Captive Portal.
    Now i´m trying to do something like this:
    LOGIN via URL that the user recives as an e-mail
    user has just to klick the link and starts browsing at the PortalPage with filled in WebVoucher

    <form method="post" action="$PORTAL_ACTION$">

    I think PFSense doesn´t allow or parse $_GET
    How can i do

    At /etc/inc/

    function portal_allow($clientip,$clientmac,$username,$password = null, $attributes = null, $ruleno = null,$valuetophp) {
    global $redirurl, $g, $config, $type, $passthrumac, $_POST, $_GET;

    i added method and variable

    HELP :)
    Greetigs Matze

  • I have been looking at this a lot too. I want to switch languages with a querystring and read it with a $_GET, but it seems to ignore it. I looked at the code behind the Captive Portal, but can't find where it ignores it, which is rather odd because it reads the redirurl value.

    I have tried to hard code test values in the inc files, but my pages don't seem to read them. Perhaps it would be an idea to create a test PHP page to see if this can read them, and therefore get an idea where these values are being dropped.

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