Add route to a Client OpenVPN

  • Hi I need to add moor then 2 routes to a client VPN
    is there a way to do that
    I need to add route to the following networks
    I can add only one additional route to the client
    when I try to add the second I get an error on the client
    push route mast be a valid subnet
    thanks Daniel

  • The server needs to know about the subnets available at the client end. So you can do either one of:
    a) Tell the server about it directly - on the server config, put the first subnet in the "Remote Network" field and then in Advanced put:


    b) Push the routes to the server from the client - on the client config, put the first subnet in the "Local Network" field and then in Advanced put:

    push "route";push "route"

    I am assuming that both the server and client are pfSense, if not then pick whichever of option (a) or (b) is pfSense.
    Remember to add firewall rules to permit the traffic that you want to allow across the OpenVPN to and from the networks.

  • Hi
    I have added the routes on the client specific overrides
    two routes but I am getting only one
    1 push "route"
    2 push "route"
    I can see that I have a route for network
    and the default that is configured on the server network
    cant see the other routes that I have added
    thanks Daniel

  • My first post above is around the wrong way (you want to add routes for subnets reachable at the server end, to the client end), but you have worked that out. The principle is still there, just needs the 'push "route…"' and 'route...' swapping around a bit.

    In the Advanced section, make sure you separate the 2 push commands with a semicolon. And do not put any new lines in, do not even put a ";" at the end:

    push "route";push "route"

    Hopefully the issue is just the syntax in the Advanced box.

  • Hi
    thanks for the help
    i have to say that now the client is getting the routes that i have added this morning
    without any changes
    just added this line
    push "route";push "route"
    up until know the route wont work for some reason
    thanks for the help  Daniel :)

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