Show master backup

  • Did not see anyother place to post this, not doing a bounty, but this seems like a change request or sugestion.
    I have a clustered pfsense, and was working on the backup, making changes to firewall rules, that were not taking effect, as I thought I was on the Master pfsense.

    My sugestion is to put some kind of indicator that shows what you are working on, as they look the same.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is no config indicator saying you're working on a "backup" or "master" since it's also possible to chain multiple things together… a single unit doesn't have a way to show that it's going to be receiving config updates from another.

    The easiest fix for this is to:
    1. Set different hostnames on each so you can identify them that way
    2. Set each box to a different theme, so it's obvious they are different at a glance.

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