Change interface order

  • Is it possible (if so, how?) to change the order in which interfaces are shown in the WebGUI? When I configured the box, I changed the LAN adapter to the bridge that holds all the LAN interfaces and now the first LAN adapter, which I called LAN1, is at the bottom of the list. This is also the case in the firewall rules (it's listed last, not before LAN2) and the Traffic Graphs.

    It's nothing functional of the router/firewall itself, just a cosmetic thing. I don't like the look of the order, which is currently WAN, Bridge, LAN2, LAN3, LAN4, WAN2, OpenVPN, LAN1. I know I can reassign every interface again, but that means I have to change a whole lot more as well, including firewall rules. I rather not do that, as things are finally running as they should.

  • You could try editing the .xml config file with a text-editor like vi or Notepad++ (search for section <interfaces>)</interfaces>

  • I've thought about that, and I just opened the XML file after I stored it. But that basically means the same reassignment of gateway rules as I see it, since the OPTx changes. LAN1 is now opt5, LAN2 is opt1.

    Any idea how to change that gracefully? Or is it as simple as moving the definition to where I want it in the XML file?

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