Character restrictions on alias names

  • Finally figured out why nothing was working properly (on a new firewall install). I had used hyphens ( - ) in a few places in my alias names. When you reload the rules the NAT portion of the rules interpret that hyphen as a "to". http-https becomes "http to https", in essence. Remove the hyphens from the alias names, and everything's beautiful again.

    I'm now using the underscore ( _ ) as a delimeter in my alias names, and it works fine.

  • What version is this? Can you replicate it with the latest RELENG_1_2 snapshot? If so I'll open a ticket, don't have time to verify it myself at the moment.

  • 1.2Beta1

    I'll try it out on the latest snapshot sometime today.

  • Ahh, the latest snapshot won't let you use hyphens, only underscores. That's a good thing :)

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