FW Blocks GRE/TCP when using PPTP WAN

  • Hi

    I Just installed a fresh pfsense 2.0.1 i386 with multi processor kernel.
    I did a fresh install no old config loaded, i set all new.
    Im running it in vmware workstation 9 (setting: freebsd, 1 cpu 1 core, 4gb hdd scsi, 2x bridged to 2 real nics.)

    My Scenario is:
    LAN > static,
    WAN > pptp, local adr:, remote adr:

    These settings work perfect in pfsense 1.2

    The Firewall is blocking GRE/TCP Traffic, i can Ping google from the pfsense and the LAN PCs, but no internet traffic is going through, meaning no websites are loading.

    Because i am no experts with routing and firewalls, i dont know what i schould do.
    Hoping for help.


  • Hi

    So i searched a lot and i found a few people that have the same issue when using PPTP ADSL.

    Found a workaround:

    edit file

    WAN = "{ pptp1 }"
    WAN = "{ em1 pptp1 }"

    pfctl -f /tmp/rules.debug

    It works, internet is going :)
    But this workaround only lasts till a flter reload is made. Then i have do to it again.

    Has anyone a permanent solution for this ?


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