QoS on pfSense 2 - need higher priority for SIP and RDP - $150

  • I’m having an incredibly tough time getting QoS properly working in pfSense 2. In the past, I’ve successfully implemented QoS on non-pfSense routers, but now I’m hitting a wall.

    Proposed rate: $150/total

    What I’d like to do can be explained pretty simply: VoIP (TCP 5060-5065) and RDP (TCP 3389) traffic should be highest priority (both up and down), everything else should be treated equally at a lower priority.

    As an example, if I have an internet connection with a pipe giving me 8Mbps down, and…

    • my VoIP traffic is using 2Mbps
    • my RDP traffic is using 3Mbps
    • my other services are trying to use 5Mbps

    …then neither my VoIP nor RDP traffic should not be affected by the bandwidth constraints. Only the other services should see packet loss/decreased performance.

    I have about 15 routers, each with very similar configurations, that need the QoS. I’m hoping we can work together to get one router working, and then I can do the work myself to implement the proper settings on the other routers.


  • using CBQ seems perfect for me compared to HFSC so give that a try as that will guarantee u minimum bandwidth for voip and rdp etc

  • Thanks. No luck, even with CBQ. I'm using the Single LAN multi WAN wizard, and I've attached a picture showing what it looks like. Are there any glaring mistakes in here?

  • ull need to use the traffic shaper by interface page to manually do the assigning of queues their bandwidth than create the rules and it should work. if CBQ doesnt work then dont expect anything else to work either provided u have configured it all right

  • So I should go in and manually configure the WAN interface, then proceed to use the wizard? Or should I not be using the wizard at all?

  • avoid the wizard, just configure everything manually

  • Just wanted to add that upping the prioirty of the SIP initiator port isn't going to help with VoIP. You need to find what range is used for the SIP packets after the initiator hits the PBX. On mine, it initiates with 5060 and then returns on a range of 10000-11000. I haven't deployed pfsense at my branch offices yet but plan to in the next couple of weeks. Will report back with my findings.

  • u can have a rule in floating tab as shown below and it will give priority to voip based on voip server ip

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