Outbound captive portal on WAN, can it be authenticated in pfsense?

  • Hi there,

    Sorry if this is the wrong section, could be "WAN" but I couldn't find !. I'm trying to make my internet connection more "reliable" with multiple ISPs, I have lots of local hotspots from different providers, so should doable, but usually I have to buy a voucher with username/password and everytime I connect I need to enter the details on the ISPs webpage.

    I've got a fairly good idea about setting up captive portal on pfsense from what I've read on internet. What I want to do is automate in the other direction, that is connect to WAN hotspot, and automatically authenticate the captive portal outbound.  Is this possible with pfsense or any of it's addons ?

    My LAN –-> pfsense ---> WAN1 (captive portal for ISP)

    There seems to be a couple of authentication scenarios :

    1. login page, log in, stay connected use internet.
    2. login page, log in, popup opens, leave popup open stay connected use internet.

    Any help appreciated :)

    Kind regards

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