IPTV on pfsense

  • Hello all

    I have just installed my very first pfsense firewall, and let me say I love It :-) before I had a Sonicwall.
    But I have a little problem, We are using IPTV from our internet provider. I have got my IPTV working no problem there, the thing is every time we change channel the first minnut it hang and lack, and sometime we have to pick the channel 2 times before it stars, hope some one can help me


  • Thats actually rather easy

    What you need to do there is as follows:

    In services, go to IGMP Proxy

    From there you need to setup 2 things

    Upstream (Set this to your WAN Details)
    Downstream (Set this to your LAN Subnet)

    All IPTV needs an IGMP Proxy configured on the network to function properly, so setting the above up should rectify that issue. If not, post down what configurations you run at home and we can take a look at it

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