No traffic through openvpn

  • So I installed openvpn pretty much identically to this video

    Youtube Video

    my tunnel network is instead

    I can connect to the vpn fine on my laptop. Except if I try to browse the web, no traffic.

    In firewall rules under openvpn I made a rule to allow all traffic through it. Not working though, any ideas?

    EDIT: I had "Force all client generated traffic through the tunnel."
    checked, this stopped me from browsing the web

    I unchecked it, but now I can ping pfsense, but all traffic is going through normally instead of through the VPN. (Openvpn network interface has highest priority on windows)

    The laptop is outside the network of course.

    EDIT: Got it, I enabled Duplication connections (probably not related), and rechecked force all clients generated traffic through the tunnel, and disabled the DNS servers checkbox.

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