No menu bar present in webgui: only dashboard

  • Hello all,

    I hope somenone can help me with the following issue: I use PFsense (32 bit) in a virtual machine. When I open the web-interface (on LAN IP address), everything seems fine at first. I can log on, but then the GUI appears without the menu bar at the top. I only get the dashboard and the ability to add widgets. But I cannot get to the page where I ca define my firewall rules etc …

    This is so frustrating. I have used different browsers, I reset the webconfigurator, I made it listen in the OPT1 interface (but then i could not reach the webinterface because the firewall does not allow it :-s )

    I have never had this problem before when I used the 64 bit version. But now I have it on two test machines (I reproduced the problem on another machine to rule out certain things) when I use the 32 bit PFSense. Any suggestions (aside from buying new hardware and installing the 64 bit version: that is not an option)


  • The 32 and 64 bit versions have the exact same web interface. Only time I've heard of anything along those lines is from stale/messed up browser cache, though trying multiple browsers and multiple machines should rule that out.

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    If IE decided to turn on compatibility mode for one and not the other, that would also explain it. Ditch IE, use Chrome or Firefox (or Opera, or Safari, or really anything except IE)

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