Layer7 filters

  • Hi,
    my pfsense 2.0 works as transparent firewall.
    I'm trying the l7 filters but it seems that I'm not able to make it works.
    In traffic shaper I made a new L7 group, in wich I block httpvideo, httpaudio, h323 and telnet.
    I created a new firewall rule (booth WAN and OPT2(bridge wan+lan)) , in wich I pass the filter I created but I'm always able to wath video and telnet to every hosts.
    can you help me?

  • I am not sure if the L7 filters on pfsense are really working nowadays. Not sure if they are all up-to-date.

    The firewall rule you created is a "pass" rule and you selected TCP/UDP as protocol and then added the L7 filter?
    The L7 filter is enabled (check this where you created the filter)?
    Is there some stzrange output on syslog when using the L7 filter ?

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