Captive Portal Vouchers & Download Quota

  • So, I finally managed to install pfSense after 3 days of trying and succesfully configured Dansguardian.

    I'm going to use pfSense in a public place, where visitors can buy vouchers to gain access to the internet for 1 hour.
    However, I'd like to set up a download quota of 200MB per voucher.

    I took a good look around here and found out that it is possible with freeradius2, but then you need to login with a username and password, instead of vouchers. I don't have a problem with that, but I haven't found a way to generate about 500 users at a time. Maybe with ChilliSpot, but is there someone who managed to get this working?

    Any tips or tricks will be greatly appreciated

  • All you said is correct.

    At the moment vouchers are only for time based login
    freeradius2 can be used for traffic quota

    Perhaps if you connect freeradius to a mysql database then you can add users an easier/faster way.

    Or you set a bandwidth restriction on CP to avoid that someone can download to much within its time range.

  • you'll need another machine with mysql p h p & apache  and a radius manager such as daloradius which can generate the prepaid usernames and passwords. with a download and/or upload quota
    a dd to that pfsense 2.02 which fixes a bug in the captive portal accounting.

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