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  • Hi, I have a guest WiFi with Captive Portal, I want to send me an email when user clicks continue (also with wrong access)
    How can I made it with HTML?
    I've tried with JavaScript but seems that doesn't work..

    <form name="autentication" method="post" action="$PORTAL_ACTION$" id="form">
    Nome utente  

    The captiveportal-send.php page is made with PHPMailer..

    Can you help me?

  • First of all, let me ask you how many guests you'd expect. Because when you for example have 500 guests coming and let's say about 250 of them login to your WiFi network, you're going to get a lot of mail…

    What you can try is when the user clicks on 'Continue' a javascript is called. That javascript function could make an Ajax request to a page that will send you an e-mail. However, I don't know if it is possible to host that page on the pfSense server (I mean, will pfSense let PHP send an e-mail?)

  • It's at my home, I'll expect to be about 10 in a month..  ;D
    The problem isn't mail, because with PHPmail the mail was sent perfect from Pfsense PHP, the problem is how can I intercept the continue button?

  • it isn't html but it might help you out?

      if (!empty($_GET['act'])) {
        echo "Hello world!"; //Your code here
      } else {
    (.. your html ..)

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