Working but no redirect

  • Have two identical machines here running Captive portal, we are migrating to a new machine and ye olde PFsense box is getting upgraded a little. We have both running side by side. Both are on the latest stable releases however one is AMD64 and one is i386

    i386 machine - ye olde faithful, CP works as it always have, no issues at all.
    AMD64 Machine, CP sort of works but the redirect page is never shown.

    Both are configured identically. I'm still digging at the moment but has anyone had any luck with the AMD64 stable and CP?

    i386 machine is a Sempron/HD, New machine is an Athlon X2/SSD, identical in every other respect, same board etc. I'm just gonna try a fresh i386 install and see what happens.

    Progressively rolled forward to 2.1-beta and it wont work. going to pfsense:8000 gets a login window, then loging in gets you access to the outside world as it should. However just times out.  The working system is 2.0.2-RC3 and does what it says on the tin.

    Is this a dns redirect? Eg if I do nslookup on the interface behind the CP what should I be seeing?

  • Not sure if it is related, but 2.0.2 seems to swallow the first forward slash '/' in the redirect url, so if the redirect url was originally "", the CP tries to redirect the client to "".

  • I had sometimes problems if the redirect URL was just:
    I renamed it to:
    and it worked.

  • Sorry that wasnt clear. Going direct to the login page works, but the redirect to the login doesnt. eg go to and you SHOULD get a login page, however you dont and the session times out. Go to the login page direct and its fine.

  • likely you're breaking DNS by not using the DNS forwarder or permitting the DNS server IPs

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