[Q] How can I make Captive Portal only affect a certain group of IPs

  • I use IPs through for my network, but my Windows server only assigns DHCP addresses to machines between and  How can I make it so that only machines in the DHCP range have to deal with Captive Portal? The idea is to present a warning that requires them to accept monitoring (via lightsquid/bandwidthd) before using the network.


    PS: That DHCP range is an alias in the Firewall if that helps.

  • Rebel Alliance

    "Allowed IP addresses" or "Pass-Through MAC",  perhaps

    Adding allowed IP addresses will allow IP access to/from these addresses through the captive portal without being taken to the portal page. This can be used for a web server serving images for the portal page or a DNS server on another network, for example. By specifying from addresses, it may be used to always allow pass-through access from a client behind the captive portal.

    Adding MAC addresses as pass-through MACs allows them access through the captive portal automatically without being taken to the portal page.

  • Thanks. Can I use aliases for that or do I have to manually add each address?

  • Rebel Alliance

    Aliases, i think No, please check the Docs / Search the forum…

  • You can use aliases.

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